List of events and speakers

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Upcoming Events

Sept. 14, 2017: Elizabeth Ellis, New York University “Autonomy and Archival Absence: Native Nations in the Post-Revolutionary Lower Mississippi Valley 

Oct. 26, 2017: Akin Ogundiran, University of North Carolina – Charlotte   Title T.B.A

More T.B.A

Past Events

Sept. 26, 2016: Scott Ortman, University of Colorado – Boulder “Discourse and Human Securities in Tewa Origins

Nov. 11, 2016: Jan Bender Shetler, Goshen College “Creating Regional Continuity through Gendered Historical Network Memory

Mar. 6, 2016: Adria LaViolette, University of Virginia, “The Development of Rural Life on the Eastern African Coast, AD 700-1500

April 10, 2016: Louise Burkhart, University at Albany-SUNY “Indigenous History in Christian Texts: Nahua Plays and Pictorial Catechisms