Please join us for a workshop designed to be an opportunity for graduate students and faculty to discuss any unconventional source we are working on with people from various disciplines, including the four of us and two external commentators. Unconventional sources can be as varied as oral history, oral traditions, historical linguistic reconstructions, photographs, artifacts, maps, paintings, landscape, climate data; anything that goes beyond written documents. We hope to provide a forum to discuss problems, issues, and questions that arise when working with non-textual evidence.

The commentators will be:

Kathryn de Luna, Associate Professor, Department of History, Georgetown University

Eleanor Harrison-Buck, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of New Hampshire

The workshop will take place on Tuesday May 1st, 2-5pm, in the Scheldon Scheps Memorial Library, Room 457, Anthropology Department, at Columbia University.

It will be the final event of our workshop series Undocumented Stories: Writing Africa and the Americas Across Disciplines.

To participate please contact graduate student rapporteur Evin Grody, at efg2122@columbia.edu, with a couple of sentences about the source you would like to discuss.

Additional information about the event and the series available here.


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